The Lands of Tryn- Its a rather peaceful time. The decade-long war against the Hobgoblins has found itself winding down completely, and aside from some minor bits of routing out the last vestiges of resistance, there isn’t much going on. A strong presence of trained and battle-hardened veterans everywhere has been keeping most of the banditry at bay, and most of the destabilizing influences had aligned with the Hobgoblins, and thus been crushed alongside them.

It is not a good time for adventuring to pay the bills, or find your own destiny. That time has already passed in these lands, now is the time for simple merchants and farmers, business people and fishers. But there is hope for those who seek to travel and try themselves against danger. Foreign vessels have begun to arrive across Tryn, bearing with them promises of strange foreign lands and new riches to those daring enough to head across the great sea and explore them.

A few lands:

To the far west lay the lands of Nanashi, an east asiatic land. It has found its own peace, ever since the Tengu Shogunate and Kappa Oligarchy put aside their ancient honor feuds to turn against the sudden appearance of the Oni, who had readily fought both sides. This would likely have not been as clean or quick had the peace not been brokered by the Rapurians, who had not been fond of finding warring forces on their west border as they tried to protect themselves from Hobgoblins to their east. Rapuria itself is a smallish kingdom of Indian design.

Towards the east is the curious city of Lorcaster. It is a fairly mixed city, mostly ruled by a small group of vague Mediterranean-like decent who came from a city-state island to the east lost in a volcanic eruption. This is a fairly major hub, and likely to have been used. Of great popularity to adventurers is the Key and Kobold Tavern, the de-facto capital of adventuring parties.

To the south, as the temperatures get colder, one finds the Republic of Orbais, ruled by a council of vampiric nobles. Orbaisian forces were critical in the final defeat of the goblinoid hordes, and its very long-lived ruling council has been around long enough to know how to rule a wealthy nation.

For ages the eastern sea was thought to stretch on for infinity. The sailors had always called it the endless sea, and nothing was supposed to lay beyond. Ships had ventured out, sailed to the end of their supplies, and come back with tales of nothing but a treacherous and stormy sea, but one year ago, as the Hobgoblin war came to a close, the first foriegn vessel crept across the sea to land in Tyrn and bring tales of an undiscovered land to the east, beyond the endless sea.
Uncontacted kingdoms, unseen treasures and relics, perhaps even undiscovered magic, its siren call has drawn in people to risk the voyage on the foriegn ships to see what could be uncovered. Some seek new riches, others new oppertunities, yet others have followed them to finish old buisness. Whatever your reasons, you have found yourself drawn to Lorcaster, out to find a way to cross the sea.

For a few weeks, The Key and Kobold Tavern was your home away from home, is always bathed in a warm light, well-tended to, and visited by many. Lovely music is never far off, especially if Emmanon Brightsong, the resident Bard, is in town. Lovely Elsa, the barmaid is ever ready to wait on you, and Tanzio the Dwarven barkeep always knows exactly what you need, keeping Liado, the halfling cook, ready for whatever order comes. You have waited there, figuring out the next move until another rumor arrives that a foriegn ship, The Princess of Berova, has arrived, and the Captain may be hanging out at the Gar’s Fin tavern. With luck, perhaps, you can secure passage to the new world.

Beyond the Endless Sea

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